Popularity Of Video Reviews Linked To Ancestral Entertainment

Whatever did we do before you tube? The internet giant has taken on a life of its own and it transpires that the formula is permeating other areas of media, marketing, publicity, news and entertainment in the form of video reviews. My cynical side would like to declare that all the young people of today quite frankly can\’t be bothered to read anymore, and just want to look at pictures and listen to noises to find out what is going on. But I have a sneaking suspicion that this attitude is somewhat Victorian, snobbish, elitist or just downright ignorant.

For a start, reading had only been accessible to the majority of westerners for a hundred years or so, before that, only the most wealthy were privileged enough to be able to afford to educate themselves or their children. Even in modern society, there are many people who are illiterate and therefore cannot access information that is presented in written form.

Then there is the issue that even if a person can read, the material may not be presented in a language that can be understood. Arguably, trying to glean information from a video review in a foreign language is not necessarily going to be successful or accurate, but it is amazing the amount of information that can be deciphered through body language and tone of voice. All you need do is recall the last time you watched a subtitled movie, or absent mindedly watched a commercial whilst abroad; I can almost guarantee you got the general gist of what was going on by visual and audio cues.

The power of this visual information is actually embedded in our distant past. Before the term technology was even a concept, our ancestors sat around a fire, sharing food and stories. The flickering of the rising flames was a natural attraction to the eye, and as the evening darkened, hearing was used to listen for any danger. Back then we were keyed to be alert to danger and responsive to receiving knowledge. Children and adults alike would learn the ways of their culture by listening to the elders tell stories, and by watching dances and demonstrations.

The new craving and acceptance of video reviews is little more than a revival of an audio visual learning environment, and should be embraced. There are sadly many children in this country that have been failed by the education system, and have a sub-standard level of being able to read or write. In realistic terms, this number is nothing compared to the illiterate masses a couple of hundred years ago, but at least an audio and visual medium for presenting information is a way of educating and informing citizens of all classes.

Ultimately, the very nature of the you tube generation and the posts that are being made on blogs and via news sites is a cross section of opinions, conspiracies, likes, loves, hates and general nonsense amongst rare gems. The more video review type posts that are made, the more unbiased the resulting information should be. Rather than the system being seen as a dumbing down of society, it should be embraced as an example of liberation, freedom of speech and democracy.

Video Reviews Embrace Our Thirst For Information

It’s not quite 1984 yet, in an Orwellian sense, not chronologically speaking, but technology is certainly advancing to a degree where the term science faction is permeating the development of some of the gadgets and gizmos that are out on the market. In this category you could expect to find a spherical hardwood wireless computer mouse, a photo frame that is a printer and stereo in one and a mobile phone that costs a grand and a half that functions as a computer, sat nav, camera, and lo and behold – as a telephone.

To keep up with the latest offerings from the science faction factory, we are turning to high tech technology for world news and product reviews. For any of you that are familiar with Warren Ellis’s Transmetropolitan, we are living in a similar eerie era of semi science fiction. Information is no longer reaching the general public in the pages of a broadsheet, or even over the airwaves of a British Broadcasting Corporation channel. Today’s news, views and reviews are being received by satellite and cable technology that outputs RSS newsfeeds and podcasts through mobile phone technology and the internet.

Video reviews are currently the favoured format for advertising and marketing as well as being used to full effect in online social networking. This choice of presentation has the advantage of being up loadable to mobile phones, media players and computers for a quick hit at home or on the move. The medium of video reviews is suited to a throwaway infomercial style of presentation, and the beauty of it is that being able to produce one is within the reach of anyone that can press a button.

Mobile phones for example are capable of recording video footage, and although the quality is generally pretty low, it is good enough to upload to a blog or you tube account. Often the content is the filmmaker’s commentary or opinion on a subject or an event. A quick scan of the search pages on the internet will invariably provide video footage as a way of presenting whatever information it is you are after. The reason for this is the accessibility of the medium of video recording and the flexibility of platforms for presentation through digital netwrorks.

Video reviews on topics as diverse as how to cook the perfect pancake to what a person really thinks of the latest x-box release are available to the information hungry public. Often, the video format is used to spread news of a natural disaster or a compromising political situation. In this light, the ability to create a video review means that everyone that owns a mobile phone is a potential journalist or filmmaker.

This has invariably had a knock on effect in the publishing industry and journalism in particular. In an era that is now rapidly coming to a close, the average reporter or journalist was privy to information that others could not seek out, and the definite advantage was in the way the information would be presented. A journalist would have to be either employed by a newspaper to be able to publish material, or have access to a broadcast team to appear on the television. The new era we find ourselves in has taken the upper hand away from the professionals, and it seems that the public enjoy a more accessible and varied view of the world on every topic through the medium of video news and reviews.

Organize Your Home Office And Increase Productivity

Is your home office space affecting your productivity? Do you hunt for pens and pencils continuously? Is your document search an exercise in frustration? Are your papers a chronological stack of filing that is impossible to successfully navigate? Do you have an irrational fear of a paper flood catastrophe if you look for something at the bottom of the pile?

First, take heart. Every office – home or otherwise – has to figure out how to deal with paper, pens, and clutter. Creating and maintaining an organized space is just part of the job.

So, how do you clear the clutter and gain control?

Space to Organize Is Essential

One of the largest challenges of staying organized is the ability to set up a system where you have room to grow. Space is essential.

If you have spent the better part of a day cleaning out a drawer and replacing the items in organized, labeled files, but you cannot squeeze a single extra sheet, of paper, you have wasted your time and the un-filed papers will grow again.

Try to clean out and throw out enough to have a quarter or a third more empty space so that when you implement your new system, there will be space to expand. You may need to tweak your system, and having the extra space will encourage you to continue to organize.

This system includes everything from architectural drawings to products and documents you accumulate in the course of doing business.

Purge unnecessary papers. It will allow for more space, and help you avoid scrambling through miscellaneous paperwork looking for important documents.

Keep It Simple

Do not make your system too complicated or it will be hard to follow through. Color-coding can be the easiest if you do not have too many categories. This is effective for systems, which only require ‘Income’, ‘Expense’, ‘Projects’, ‘Correspondence’, or something similar.

For filing of large groups of clients, projects or invoices, use a single drawer for each group of related files. A tall filing cabinet can even be divided into alphabetical or chronological systems.

Another class of things you will need to make room for are the things that you refer to daily or even hourly. A posting board or corkboard near your desk would be in order. You can hang things like phone lists, ‘To-Do” lists and appointment calendars in one central location for easy reference.


A good filing system will only work if you work at it. While you may find a smaller system easier to handle, it does not matter the size if you do not work with every day. Keep important, ever-changing items near you, then when they are no longer critical, transfer them to a permanent home in your filing cabinet.

This also works for items that you need nearby such as current project information or price lists etc.

Filing Style

Take a realistic look at how you file and consider the filing system. It might work better if you use labeled boxes or storage boxes if you tend to pile papers. This might be in addition or replace the standard filing cabinet. You need to find something that makes you feel comfortable, something you want to work with so that you continue to maintain it.

Everything in Its Place

It is an old saying, but all too true. Everything must have someplace to go back to. Avoid loose pens, pencils, papers cell phones, glasses and so on. Find a place to put them when you are finished with them, then put them back when you are done. Do not forget to reward yourself for a job well done, and keep your system going!

Technology In The Workplace The Benefits Of Video Conferencing

The following article presents the very latest information on Australia & Technology. If you have a particular interest in Australia & Technology, then this informative article is required reading. Think about what you’ve read so far. Does it reinforce what you already know about Australia & Technology? Or was there something completely new? What about the remaining paragraphs? What once required the physical presence of a number of individuals in a common location is now being accomplished through video conferencing.
Thanks to the technological leaps of the past several years, any number of people can attend the same meeting from all points around the globe at any given time.The ability to engage in video conferencing offers a multitude of benefits and, today, is widely utilized among most large companies, as well as a number of smaller firms.
One of the many benefits that can be realized when integrating the use of video conference technology into the workplace is an increase of productivity. Taking no more time or effort than a simple telephone call or walk to the office next door, video conferencing allows individuals to attend meetings from their own location, freeing up their time to continue doing business without the loss of travel time. As a result, hundreds of hours can be saved over the course of a year, which adds up to a significant amount of time that can be utilized for the purposes of performing other critical tasks.
Video conferencing also offers the benefit of economic savings. Those same individuals who, in an earlier time, would have had to travel sometimes, extensively in order to attend certain meetings and conferences, can now participate from their own offices, saving substantial amounts of money. If the conferences were scheduled to last for more than one day, hotel expenses also needed to be factored into the budget, as well as airfare for those who were traveling from a distance. When you add up the savings over the course of a single year, your company can save tens of thousands of dollars or more.Due to the concerns surrounding travel particularly air travel in our society today, a video conference is ideal for ensuring the safety of the participants.
Though there are always risk involved with travel of any kind, those that plague contemporary society puts the safety factor very high on the priority list.Currently, even the bravest hearts are apprehensive regarding this issue, and most would not consider this to be a risk that they would be willing to take for their job. Video conferencing offers the opportunity to avoid having to make this type of decision, while ensuring the safety of all concerned.Customer relations may also be improved through the use of video conferencing. This is a great way to stay in touch with significant clients or those who are viewed as potential clients, without the need to make a physical visit or take up too much of the clients time. Since the most effective meetings are those which can be attended in a face-to-face environment, video conferencing provides the ability to meet that goal while avoiding the inconvenience of travel, time and expense.If youre not currently tapping into the benefits of the video conference forum, its in your best interests to do a bit of research into the possibilities of utilizing this form of personalized communication in the future.

Knock Down Your Old House And Build A New Urbanedge Home

Knockdown rebuild projects are increasing in popularity due to a shortage of residential land in and around Melbourne. Home renovations, extensions and alterations have also proven costly experiences with many horror stories of budget blow outs, unforeseen construction problems, disruptions and the dilemma of blending old with the new.

As a result, building new homes are better value and provide many benefits. New homes are more energy efficient thanks to the latest building innovation and technology. New homes are also well-designed and suited to fulfill the needs and desires of today’s modern lifestyle.

It is no wonder that many home owners are therefore turning to knockdown rebuild to achieve their dream of having a new home in their favorite suburb.

At Urbanedge Homes the process of planning and building your dream home is simple and straightforward. Our professional and experienced house builders Melbourne team can offer specialised advice, to help you choose the home design that will suit your block. We provide all the advice and can assist you in arranging everything you need, like knocking down your old house. We take care of building and local government approvals, and provide a fixed price building contract to assure budget precision and peace of mind.

Urbanedge home designs and inclusions are flexible, so you can tailor your new home to suit your lifestyle and budget. Our professional in-house interior design consultant will help you finalise your homes external and internal choices.

Urbanedge Homes has completed knockdown rebuild projects in various Melbourne regions, including Bayside, as well as popular Melbourne municipalities such as Maribyrnong, Moonee Valley, Moreland and Nillumbik, just to name a few. So if you love the area that you live in, knockdown and rebuild may just be the option for you.

Our most popular home designs are on display throughout Melbourne, so visit your nearest Urbanedge New Display Homes Centre or complete our online Knockdown Rebuild Enquiry Form, to discover if we build in your area.

Business Technology Career Training Schools

In business, the use of technology is becoming prominent. Working through a training program can teach students how to understand business technology. Several colleges offer career training to students by preparing them for the work needed within a business. Two main options are available to students and these include completing a certificate or associate’s degree program. Students can learn a number of things prior to enrollment.

1. The goal of education is to learn how to become an administrative assistant or office manager. The skills learned integrate business knowledge with computer technology and training in these areas fosters the correct level of understanding to work in any clerical or supervisory role. The technology of a business includes all computer programs used to keep track of business transactions and communications. Working with Word and desktop publishing programs are all programs covered in the technology side of this degree. Many colleges offer basic business courses as well.

2. When training inside a certificate program students should expect to be immersed in studying how to effectively work with business technology. Colleges create this environment by providing courses in business math, database management, and staff management. Essentially, students are learning how to work as a business technology manager. The skills acquired include being proficient in keyboarding, accounting, and managing. Students can expect to learn how to use computer systems to accomplish everyday tasks needed to help keep a business running smoothly. Continuing education at the associate’s degree level is where most students begin their education.

3. A two-year associate’s degree trains students to enter the competitive field and be successful. With the knowledge gained through specific courses students are able to work inside a business setting and contribute to a businesses operation. Business information systems, business principles, spreadsheets, data management systems, and business communications are all courses that provide the needed career training and experience to enter a career. Students learn what it takes to provide these services to a business. The work done contributes to business information that needs to be typed, saved, and distributed accordingly.

4. The workplace provides a place for trained students to observe and learn more about how a business works. The field is estimated to grow considerably. This is due to the continued need that businesses have for qualified individuals. Trained students are able help a business reach its highest level of potential and workflow making their education in demand. Depending on the level of education students can obtain careers working for a business as an office manager or assistant. The average yearly salary is approximately $35,000. Student’s that find the work of a business intriguing and desire to move up in the industry can find training in management technology. This closely related field prepares students to become managers of an office by operating business technology like computers, spreadsheets, and bookkeeping programs. The added responsibility is gained through the management side of career training.

Managing Small Business Technology

Technology Levels the Playing Field

One advantage small business has gained over the years is the ready availability of sophisticated technology that was once the exclusive asset of the largest corporations. But with this benefit comes the additional responsibility of proficient management of that technology.

Customers Demand Better Service

Today’s customer has come to expect the greater convenience and efficiency the Internet Age, with online connectivity to company accounts, or at least computerized records, information databases, and customer management systems.

A Technology Breakdown Can Be a Public Relations Nightmare

Managing your technology may not be at the top of your list of important business activities, but perhaps it should be, because how your computers, database, network, phones, etc. are running can make the difference between being seen by your customers as competent and caring about their needs, or inefficient and unconcerned.

Asset Management Can Be a Daunting Task

Your technology must be chosen and sized to the required tasks and your staff must be proficient in its operation, but there is much more to keep track of. Your technology must be periodically upgraded. It is vital that software be updated for security and fixes. Hardware and software depreciate and must be either upgraded or replaced. When facing budget constraints, decisions must be made whether to continue using current equipment and software, or to replace it. For example, perhaps a three-year depreciation cycle could be extended to five years, but circumstances might dictate replacement, such as the inability of older equipment to support the software needed to remain competitive.

Threats Cannot Be Ignored

Damage from computer viruses, unreliable power sources, improper usage of software, etc. is a problem small business managers didn’t have to deal with in the past. Proper rules need to be set up, taught to your employees, and enforced. Commercial grade surge protectors, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies), or even backup electrical generation may be necessary for the protection of your equipment, and proper technology training of your employees is always important.

Technology Glitches Must Be Handled Properly

No matter how good your hardware, software, and employee training, technology breakdowns do occur. Properly handling them is a matter of communication. For example, if a customer experiences difficulty accessing their account, they may keep trying over and over. This uses valuable bandwidth and CPU time. Multiply this by many customers trying to access your system, and your network, as well as your technicians, could be tied up with customer requests instead of working to solve the problem. The solution is to tell your customers you are aware of the problem, apologize for the inconvenience, and let them know you are working on it.

Outsourcing As a Solution

Many businesses solve their technology management problems by contracting with an outside technology management service. It is important that you chose one which is competent, flexible in its prices and levels of service, and has a reputation for effective communication with its clients.

Managing your business technology is as important for your business as sales, employment, and other aspects of your business. Properly managed, technology can give you an edge over your competitors and bring you up to the level of the large corporations.

Contracting with the right managed support IT service company is a valuable part of a successful business strategy. InHouse Techies offer several levels of managed IT support services, including custom tailored monthly plans.

Business Technology in Small Business

Business technology in small businesses can mean a lot of different things and can be interpreted in many different ways. But it will always come down to the same thing – the technology implemented and used by a business must provide the maximum amount of efficiency for the minimum amount of cost and maintenance.

Technology in business must be well planned and implemented in a sensible manner and a plan for technology management must be developed and adhered to. This may mean moving more of your business systems onto the internet to increase the mobility of your business, or identifying and investing in new systems which will do the same job but in a more efficient manner.

How Can the Internet Help My Business?
If you are looking to save money for your business, the internet is an excellent place to start. If your business includes a small call centre to provide customer service, you could save a lot of money in the long run by investing in changing the phone system to an IP telephony system. This would mean that rather than incurring massive phone bills using normal phones, all calls would be routed over the internet and customers would be able to call in using a normal local telephone number.

It is much cheaper to call someone through the internet than through a standard phone line and the savings you would make here would more than cover the cost of implementing such a system.

You would need to ensure that your business’ internet connection is powerful enough to manage this of course. If there is not enough bandwidth to accommodate all of the calls being made, the sound quality can suffer. As long as both parties can hear what the other is saying, this does not have to be too much of an issue – making allowances for this would need to be part of your business’ strategy for technology management.

What about My People in the Field?
If you have a large team of sales reps in the field, the savings which you could enjoy through the implementation of internet based telephony can be carried on to this side of your business as well. Nowadays, there are many mobile phones available which are capable of making calls over the internet using the 3G network. This would mean a possible upgrade of your corporate mobile phone contract and possibly some retraining for your staff – but ultimately it would save you money on phone bills.

How do I Know that My Company is Now More Efficient?
Technology in business also encompasses the assessment and monitoring of work performed by the employees. With modern networking and targeted technology management, it would be possible to not only make your company run more efficiently for less money; but also allowing you to keep an eye on exactly what is going on in real-time.

There are many products available which will allow you to monitor your employees’ statistics – be it the amount of time they are spending on each call or the amount of time they take to finishing each file before they are able to move onto the next one. Through this, you would be able to address any possible issues which may arise and discuss them with the employee.

Business technology should broaden the horizons. You should be able to do more for spending less. Something as simple as making phone calls cheaper or something as involved as identifying areas of concern in an employees performance and having more information which can be used to develop strategies for the employee to avoid this.

A Private Eye’s Look at Justice Business Technology

I admit it — I’m hooked on “Veronica Mars.” If you’ve seen the show, you know that the title character finds ways to solve crimes and mysteries each week using some new techie tool or other. Are you searching for a career that incorporates this kind of technology-based investigative work? Look no further than the sizzling field of justice business technology.

Gathering Evidence

Justice business technology is the perfect field for those seeking criminal justice and law enforcement careers that use modern computer technology to prevent and solve crimes. Some of the duties of justice business technology professionals include collecting and analyzing evidence using advanced technology, as well as preventing and investigating computer viruses, identity theft, and Internet crime. With one of many cutting-edge justice business technology careers, you may find yourself working in government, law enforcement agencies, juvenile justice, public and private agencies, homeland security, or corrections, to name a few.

Conducting an Investigation

You already know that when you study at justice business technology schools, you can turn your interest in criminal justice and your passion for adventure into a career in crime-solving. These comprehensive training programs incorporate the advanced technology that adds a whole new dimension to law enforcement.

Specifically, justice business technology schools will provide you with knowledge of criminal justice theories, policies, and procedures, as well as a solid background in information technology, intelligence gathering, computer evidence analysis, network security, and forensics. When you study crime scene techniques, for example, you’ll delve into evidence identification, gathering, and packaging in order to solve cases where there is no suspect.

Courses at justice business technology schools may include computer forensics, crime and crash scene management, modern evidence technology, crime scene techniques, ethics and cultural diversity, weapons training, civil law, communication, psychology, and computer virus issues and prevention.

Cracking the Case

At justice business technology schools, you’ll have the opportunity to spend time in real crime scene labs to review and utilize the tools and techniques you’ll need to succeed in the new age of law enforcement. You may also jump-start your career by completing a justice business technology internship or externship that provides practical, hands-on field experience in a legal environment.

Once you’ve earned your degree, you’ll have your pick of justice business technology careers in local, state, and federal agencies such as juvenile justice, private security, private investigation, loss prevention, law enforcement, corrections, probation and parole, detention centers, community-based intervention programs, and crime scene technician services.

Business Technology Consulting Firms And Their Services

Enterprise software applications are rising at staggering rate. More and more companies are looking for agile solutions to streamline their operations to expand their global footprint. Software development and business technology consulting companies are busy in developing and designing enterprise-centric, coherent solutions to improve enterprises’ abilities. Enterprises also seek strong yet flexible applications to stay ahead and carve their own niche in the business stratosphere. Software development and consulting companies focus on a wider spectrum of innovative technologies to create an ideally helpful software solutions or applications that can enhance company’s image and fulfill the clients’ needs.

Highly adroit, experienced application developers and programmers offer their help in business application development, e business solutions, iPhone app development, e-commerce website design, and complete IT consulting services. They extend their unwavering help to fulfill the particular needs of the companies. Their intuitive technology software solutions focus on your pain points and give a suitable and research-based solution. Developers and programmers use specialized tools, resources, frameworks, and platforms to strengthen your business structure.

Some of the most important services offered by technology consulting firms are as follows:

Custom Software Solutions

Experienced developers and programmers analyze the needs of your company and draw a model to propose you a practical system that is specific, coherent, and budget-friendly. Upon your accent, developers and business analysts kick-start the project in a professional way. They use several high-end platforms (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.), to develop the basic framework of the software solution.

Application Development

Software developers and programmers develop suitable business solutions, mobile apps to streamline the decentralized business processes. This enables competitive advantage for your company and allows it to expand its broad scale operations. They develop powerful, robust, flexible, secure, reliable, and fully featured applications that allow business aims. These applications will simplify business complexities and offer end-to-end facilities in an amazing fashion.

The best advantage is that business application development experts develop low-cost yet smart solutions that will bring quality in the executions. Software consulting firms also give custom-fit managed IT services to better cater the needs of the growing businesses. Businesses also need an IT consulting firm to discuss their growing challenges, concerns and develop a perfectly versatile, innovative, aligned, and creative solution that will improve collaboration, automation process, business operations, and overall workflow. The promising solutions not only improve capabilities, but also remove bottlenecks.

Today, software and IT consulting firms also recommend holistic & advanced enterprise applications and software solutions over traditional, because advanced solutions are measurable and allow companies to make critical business decisions quickly by using real-time information. No doubt, business applications offer truly competitive advantage to the businesses.