Avaya IP Phones Kenya


This is the right time to upgrade office communication system from landlines based to IP based. Here in Kenya where business environment is getting more and more competitive, you need the best solution to maintain optimum between business lines and business partners. IP based telephone system is more reliable to handle today’s business communication needs.

IP based communication system offers more features needed for business operation while it also offers more efficient cost. Upgrading to IP based system is already a necessity but of course, it would require your business organization to invest on new hardware and software compatible with business computer system. Vector Digital, the leading IT and telecom solution provider in Kenya has the best solution for business organization of all scales with Avaya Phones Kenya. Avaya is well known for its advanced technology in IP based telecommunication. Its products are including desktop IP phones, conference phones, as well as communication server. As the authorized dealer and installer, Vector Digital can offer the right telecommunication system based on Avaya technology to meet your actual business needs and budget. Call this company and let their staffs hear about your company and the plan to recommend the most suitable solution.

One of the flagship products of Avaya and available through Vector Digital is Avaya IP Phones Kenya. This is the robust IP based deksphone for all purposes. This desktop phone is designed and built for effective control of communication within your business network. The Avaya IP Phones Kenya has two ports of ethernet which also switch port compliant to make it easier to integrate with enterprise IP network. A color touchscreen display makes a great addition to control buttons for optimum controls of its functions and features. Best of all, the price is very competitive while still offering high performance. Discuss with Vector Digital’s expert staffs to utilize this IP phone as backbone of office telecom system.